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UK Express

from € 17.70
Parcel & Pallet Import or Export within 1 - 2 working days to or from the UK. Same day collection available.
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EU Express

from € 18.88
Parcel & Pallet Import and Export within 3 working days to or from Europe. Same day collection available.
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Worldwide Express

from € 25.96
Parcel & Pallet Import and Export within 5 to 8 working days throughout the rest of the world*. Same day collection available.
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Welcome to The Post Coach


The Post Coach offers a comprehensive suite of logistics services to the SME and one off senders of shipments. This could be anything from an envelope to a pallet. With over twenty years working in the ever changing world of logistics and listening to customers needs we knew a new kind of logistics service was needed to adapt. The needs of customers has become more complex, and presenting companies with more challenges.

Customers want things faster than ever, but on their terms, customers want information as quickly as possible and at any time. We at The Post Coach understand this, and know that this information now has to be available at any time required by the customer. The ever changing need to be flexible and adaptable to different customers as all customers  are not the same.

The world is smaller because of technology changes. The flow of goods is only likely to become more complex, an industry once considered moribund will likely see fresh life. We have adapted our business to these challenges of supply and demand, while managing the constantly fluctuating consumer needs. The Post Coach offers customers a hands on service, our online website allows for getting an instant quote, book a shipment, and track your shipment in real time. The use of mobile devices have radically changed how people can access information or require information.

The Post Coach has partnered with some of the top logistics companies in the world to bring a first class service to their customers. Our staff are highly trained, and want to assist customers with whatever problems occur. We know customers won’t settle nowadays, for a nine to five service or delayed information. As we have mentioned already customers  demands are changing and we at The Post Coach aim to be at the forefront of this change. We can be contacted by phone (yes directly to the owner) e- mail or on Twitter or Facebook  and Linkedin.


  • Track your shipment in real time
  • Phone directly to The Post Coach
  • National and International collections/deliveries (collections/deliveries are door to door)
  • VAT receipt for your order
  • Full list of customer shipments stored
  • PRO Forma invoice for non EU countries
  • Over 200 countries catered for
  • Restricted item advice
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