About The Post Coach

ThePostCoach is an Irish company that was founded because we simply knew that “we could do things better” and that’s how ThePostCoach journey began. Having worked in an SME that was acutely focused on providing our customers with the best possible products, we simply felt that our customers deserved a better logistics service.

ThePostCoach is now Ireland’s brand leader and offers those very same SMEs a reliable and competitive service, guaranteeing a day-definte pick up and delivery. We treat your customers as if they were our own and if something doesn’t go quite right, we want to hear about it because it better not happen again.

We are proud of our local, down to earth focus, but we are also immensely proud of the global connections that we have established. Our global partners now ship to over 200 destinations worldwide, yet our customers can still reach our founder by mobile phone. His name is John and his number is 0876781520.

Thank you for choosing ThePost Coach.

PS.          We are often asked about our name; In Ireland, the first post coach began service from Dublin in 1789 and was much faster than its predecessor “the stage coach” as it only stopped for delivery of mail and generally not for the comfort of the passengers. The post coach was guarded and he was heavily armed with a blunderbuss and two pistols thus well defended against highwaymen. Today we too are only focused on doing our job and will defend your parcels in the same way as thepostcoach did in 1789.