Preparing your invoice

A Commercial invoice contains all the information required for the a Bill of Sale between a Buyer and a Seller. Having the correct information on the invoice will mean there is less chance of your goods been held at customs or possibly your customer having to pay additional charges and duties. This why it is so important to set up your invoice template that makes everything happen for your goods to go through customs.

With the UK(excluding N.Ireland) outside the EU is very likely you will be exporting to the UK at some stage. So what should your invoice include ?

1. Addresses of seller/shipper and buyer/receiver. It is important here to have contact name and phone number of buyer receiver along with your own contact details. An email addresses is also advised but not essiental.

2. Currency transaction of the goods

3. EORI numbers of seller and receiver

4. Date of Invoice 

5. Description of goods 

6. Quantity of goods and value of each part / total value per line

7. Commodity/Taric Codes of goods and country of Origin

8. Purchase order numbers if applicable

9. Nett and gross weights

10. The Incoterms 

11. Information for helping with delivery i.e. opening and closing times, referance number

12. Total value of the goods including shipping